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Large packaging may not be more affordable. Compare and buy more

business people remind: compare carefully and buy again. Don't spend wasted money

when shopping out, in the face of the size packaging of the same commodity, which one would you choose as a consumer? From an economic perspective, many people prefer large packaging. After all, the idea that large packaging is more affordable has been deeply rooted. Recently, many citizens reported to our news agency that the average price of some goods in large packages is higher than that in small packages. Yesterday, people who remember that fewer graphene materials can be used in polymers to achieve better conductive effects visited several large shopping malls and found that this phenomenon exists more or less

the final closing was 378, up 0.27%. Citizens reported that small packaging was more affordable than large packaging

in our impression, we always thought that buying large packaging was cheap, but now it seems that not all large packaging is affordable. Recently, Ms. Li, who lives in Tumen street, told this newspaper that when she was selecting olive oil in a nearby supermarket, she habitually took a 500ml bottle with a price of 88 yuan in the face of 500ml and 250ml. But at this time, the 13-year-old daughter pointed to the unit price and asked: Mom, 250ml is only 43.5 yuan, and two bottles are only 87 yuan? This price is 1 yuan cheaper than 500ml. Reminded by her daughter, Ms. Li was confused about how to further improve the competitiveness of the small market and make the packaging cheaper

is it coincidence or hidden rule? After checking many commodities, Ms. Li found that the average price of large packages is higher than that of small packages, which is not an example. I always thought it was cheap in big packages before. How can it become like this now? Ms. Li asked

the survey focused on food and daily chemical supplies

visited large supermarkets. After comparing the data, it was found that Ms. Li reflected that the phenomenon of large packaging is more or less expensive than small packaging

in a large supermarket on Tumen street in the urban area, a white melon seed was found. The price of 100g was 4 yuan, while the price of 227g was 14.8 yuan. Calculated, the price of 227g melon seeds per 100g was about 6.5 yuan, much higher than the price of 4 yuan per 100g. Take a famous cola drink as an example. The price of 330ml is 1.9 yuan and that of 500ml is 3 yuan. On average, the average price of 500ml is also higher than that of 330ml

in addition, many brands of washing powder, washing soap and crispy rolls also have the phenomenon that small packaging is cheaper than large packaging. It is noted that the phenomenon that large packaging is more expensive than small packaging mostly exists in food and daily chemical products in grams or milliliters. The price of such goods is basically not an integer. If you are not a math expert, it is really difficult to find the problem at a glance. Of course, the price difference between the unit prices of large and small packages is also small, and it is difficult for consumers to find it without careful calculation

how many consumers have noticed that such large packaging is more expensive than small packaging? During the visit, Ms. Zhang, who came to buy washing powder, asked if she had noticed such a phenomenon. She was surprised and asked: how is it possible? Did you miscalculate? Under the calculation, Ms. Zhang shook her head with a smile and said that she thought it was cost-effective to choose large packages before, but she didn't expect to be fooled

also interviewed several consumers, most of whom agreed that according to common sense, large packaging goods are cheaper than small packaging goods, so they generally buy large packaging. They seldom notice the new phenomenon that small packages are cheaper. These are necessities of life. It's really immoral to cheat on the price of these commodities. Ms. Liu, a citizen, said angrily

merchants explain different ways to avoid the important and take the light

why is large packaging more expensive than small packaging? Manager Chen, the person in charge of a supermarket, said that the price of goods in the supermarket is actually determined by the supplier. The supermarket only sets the price according to the price proportion provided by the supplier. Large packages of goods are too expensive for small packages. The proportion of large packages purchased by the supplier to the supermarket is high, which is not intentional by the supermarket itself. In addition, it does not rule out that some small packages of goods are being promoted, so the price is lower than that of large packages, but the supermarket does not indicate that they are promotional goods

an insider revealed that according to common sense, the packaging and logistics costs of large packaging goods should be lower than those of small packaging. If the retail price is reversed and the small packaging is not marked as a promotional price, it is easy to cause consumers to spend money wrongly. He said that this is actually a pricing strategy. The habitual thinking of consumers is that large packaging goods are cheaper than small packaging. Therefore, for some goods, retailers deliberately set the price of large packaging higher than small packaging to earn more gross profit

industry and Commerce remind more people to buy again

is the pricing behavior of large packaging more expensive than small packaging suspected of cheating consumers? The staff of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce said: there is no relevant regulation that large packaged goods must be cheaper than small packaged goods. Therefore, in this matter, the supermarket has no element of fraud or deception. Industrial and commercial personages reminded that citizens should read more packaging information and compare more when buying goods. Don't be misled by the so-called promotion of businesses, and figure out which is more affordable before starting

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