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Dazheng packaging machinery - building a new aircraft carrier in the carton machinery industry

to see the carton machinery processing enterprises in the north, we must look at Handan Dazheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Here, you can see the energetic and confident people who are full of confidence in their own strength and future; It's nice to see the newly invested factory! The spacious and tall workshop, nearly one million square meters, is divided into four spans, two of which are machining and two of which are installation. This is the largest workshop in the northern carton machinery industry, reflecting the charm and determination of investors. They want to build a big stage and perform a wonderful show

after reading it, I felt a lot. I hurried to write this manuscript. What topic to use is "revitalize the momentum and create brilliance", which is also appropriate, but not vulgar? It is this chipset signal amplification that Dazheng company is going all out to build a new aircraft carrier in the carton machinery industry, right! "Build a new aircraft carrier"

Dazheng company is a joint-stock limited company established after the acquisition and reorganization of Handan Packaging Machinery General Factory, a former well-known enterprise in the industry, in accordance with relevant national policies. People in the industry are unfamiliar with Dazheng company, but when it comes to Handan Packaging Machinery General Factory, everyone knows that it has long been among the top three in the domestic carton machinery industry. At that time, it had the only corrugated roller processing equipment imported from the United States to produce high-level corrugated cardboard production line. The corrugated board production line in Handan has a high reputation in the industry. Up to now, who resells the second-hand production line? It is said that it is made in Handan, and the buyers recognize it. They are happy to see the line and think that the Handan production line is trustworthy. However, due to various problems such as mechanism, Handan packaging machinery general factory has fallen into a quagmire. It is a pity that such a large enterprise, such a group of technical talents, sales talents and management talents trained over the years, such a large number of processing equipment, such a good brand with popularity and credibility! Everyone is anxious. At the critical moment, Yang Jinsheng, a young entrepreneur, resolutely invested a huge amount of money in the acquisition and reorganization. Therefore, when I saw Yang Jinsheng, chairman of Dazheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., the first sentence was also very stable for UV radiation: Thank you! With courage and courage, they helped the enterprise and made these talents and equipment glow with youth. We have invested a lot of money to build the factory area, and the new enterprise and new atmosphere have made us feel the determination of the enterprise to work hard in the carton machinery industry

Chairman Yang Jinsheng said sincerely: we are not engaged in any capital operation, but are determined to engage in real industry. The carton industry will never decline. The carton machinery industry is accompanied by the carton industry and has a bright future. China's carton market is so large that we should continue to do it for a long time. We have many advantages. First of all, with such a good team, we can do well

Dazheng company does have many advantages. We have valuable management experience, a group of technical forces with the packaging technology research institute as the core, technical materials for the manufacturing of packaging machinery products that have been retained for nearly 20 years, and a sales force dominated by salespersons who have worked in the carton industry for more than 10 years. We understand the industry, know customers well, have excellent and cutting-edge equipment, and have strong economic strength. Many advantages form a joint force, and Dazheng company is taking off at a high speed

Dazheng company makes full use of its advantages and is committed to the development and marketing of new products. Experienced and innovative technicians, with the help of modern technology research and development means, constantly strive to introduce advanced electrical control technology and innovative machinery into product design, which not only shows excellent product design tailored for customers, but also constantly introduces new machines representing future development. The latest domestic quick change corrugated roller single-sided machine, four fold high-speed automatic paper receiving machine, quick change thin knife longitudinal cutting and pressing machine, inclined block hydraulic regulating double-sided machine, double-sided machine hot pressing plate ballasting system, double-layer segmented input electricity developed and produced by Dazheng company. Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is China's new industrialization demonstration base. Brain controlled high-speed stacker, touch plate ballasting gluing machine, flat pressing flat corrugated board die-cutting machine Leading edge paper feeding keyless connection high-speed printing slotting machine and other domestic technology leading carton machinery products continue to emerge. Managers and technicians meticulously implement the quality standards of GB/t19000-2000 and RGB/j19001-2000, improve the quality management system, repay users with high-level and high-quality products, and make a great impact in the industry

it used to be said that with a high level of good products, there would be no market. Dazheng company now has good products or worries about the market. Why? Because of the impact and sequelae caused by Handan Packaging Machinery General Factory in previous years, many people in the industry do not understand the actual situation, think that they have stopped production, do not make carton machinery, and dare not order. The salesperson should also explain patiently, and warmly invite users to visit the factory, so that they can keep their hearts in their stomach. Even in such a difficult and complex situation, the sales performance of Dazheng company is also very impressive. Several corrugated board production lines have been sold. In Jiangxi Province alone, four new production lines have been sold, one of which is the seven story line. Recently, a seven story production line of Taiyuan Dahua Company was newly sold, which is the first seven story line in Shanxi Province, and is used to make packaging boxes for exported glassware. Speaking of the technical characteristics of these production lines, and there are many introductions to the experience and calculation formula of the relationship between the surface roughness of the parts of the experimental machine and the dimensional tolerance of the parts of the experimental machine, the rotation is very smooth, and Dazheng people are very excited. They repeatedly invite them to have time to have a look, and the joy of success is beyond words

the short half day visit and discussion, the courage and determination of the leaders, the spacious and tall new workshop, and the new spiritual outlook of Dazheng people have raised strong hope and confidence in their hearts: Dazheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. will become a new aircraft carrier in China's carton machinery industry

information source: packaging newspaper

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