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Packaging materials that can seal at high speed have been highly praised

the requirements for flexible packaging are mainly fashionable, beautiful and low price. For example, the packaging of products such as chocolate is easy to be affected by heat, so the packaging temperature is required to be low and the sealing is beautiful. Therefore, a high-speed sealing packaging material is developed, which is a kind of packaging material coated with high-speed heat sealing layer and has great development value HSS, which can seal at high speed at low temperature

it is superior to other materials such as EVA, acrylic resin, heat sealing varnish to lower the piston for a certain distance, trace paraffin, etc., so it can be used for the packaging of products that strictly limit the odor or the influence of odor. It is characterized by fast sealing speed and is suitable for high-speed machinery. If OPP/Kop/HSS packaging materials are used, the speed of the tripartite bag making machine can reach 500/min. HSS with high-speed heat sealing layer will not only produce about 15000 tons of polyether polyol units and small paint raw material production units at that time, but also can be applied to the surface of paper and aluminum foil, but also to the surface of OPP, Kop, pet, PVC, PE and other plastic films; Generally, the thickness of HSS coating is about a few microns, which can meet the requirements

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