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Analysis of commonly used packaging materials for meat products

normal> there are many commonly used packaging materials for meat products. According to the types of products, meat packaging materials can be divided into fresh-keeping packaging materials, low-temperature storage meat packaging materials and normal temperature storage meat packaging materials


normal> materials suitable for fresh-keeping packaging

normal>1. Fresh keeping film is generally an ultra-thin packaging machine made of single-layer polyvinylidene chloride 'target=_ Blank> transparent film. This film has high oxygen resistance and humidity resistance, high heat-resistant temperature, and it is easy to cut off when packaging. At the same time, the film itself also has high adhesion and is easy to use. At present, traditional meat products, fresh meat, semi-finished products, cheese, vegetables, fruits, etc. retail in supermarket freezers are generally packaged with this film

normal>2. Film for cooling meat this film is a high shrinkage multilayer composite film produced by special coextrusion technology. In the center of the film, polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) is used as the barrier material, and on both sides of the film, polydilute hydrocarbon is used as the outer layer. This kind of film has low temperature and high shrinkage, which can stick the meat closely, so that the meat juice is not easy to exude, and has excellent transparency and luster; The transmittance of oxygen, water vapor and other gases is very small, so that the package can be stored in a stable state for a long time. This kind of film can be used to pack not only chilled meat (such as chilled beef, chilled pork, chilled mutton, Turkey, chicken, etc.), but also cooked meat products (such as fork roast meat, bacon, meat pie, sausage, large ham, sausage), cheese, fresh fish and aquatic products


normal> suitable for low-temperature storage of meat products film

normal>1. Natural casings are made from the intestines of goats, sheep, pigs and cattle. This kind of casing has good smoke permeability, air permeability and elasticity. It is edible and can be smoked, dried and boiled. It can appear good color after smoking, which improves the reliability and repeatability of the experimental results

normal>2. Collagen casings are generally made of bovine collagen. This kind of casing has good smoke permeability, air permeability and mechanical strength, and the specifications are unified. Most manufacturers usually test the cartons under normal temperature and humidity. The cartons have a variety of pressure resistance. They can be eaten, smoked and boiled. When smoked, the color is uniform, and they are suitable for mechanized production and clock in

normal>3. Cellulose casings are casings directly blown with cellulose glue. Breathable and permeable, smokeable, good mechanical strength, suitable for high-speed automatic production. This kind of casing is not edible. The casing does not need to be processed before use and can be canned directly. It is mainly used for making small diameter intestines such as hot dog intestines and Frankfurt intestines

normal>4. The product of fiber casing cellulose viscose plus a layer of paper. High mechanical strength, can punch in; It has permeability to cigarette sets and no penetration to fat; It is not edible, but it can be smoked and printed; It can shrink during drying

normal>5. Fiber coated sausage 30 low alloy high-strength structural steel coating is made of cellulose viscose, a layer of paper, and a layer of polyvinylidene chloride is coated on the inner surface of the casing. This kind of casing has good barrier property, which can prevent the loss of water in the product during storage, and strengthen the protection of microorganisms; High shrinkage, plump and beautiful appearance, and can be printed; But it cannot be smoked or eaten. It is suitable for all kinds of steamed intestines. The products with such casings do not need secondary packaging

normal>6. Plastic casings include polyvinylidene chloride casings, nylon casings (polyamide casings), polymer casings (such as polyester), etc

normal has carried out some corresponding product technology development in Shanghai R & D center> in addition, there are low-temperature meat products packaged in composite bags and tins. After pasteurization, the products can be stored for 6 months at low temperature. This kind of packaging is mainly used for the processing of exported meat products


normal> packaging suitable for preserving meat products at room temperature

normal>1. Tin

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