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At present, the development trend of packaging machinery in the world is production efficiency, high utilization of resources, energy conservation of products, high-tech and its distribution, and commercialization of scientific research achievements. However, compared with foreign products, there is still a large gap in the level of science and technology between China's packaging machinery, which is far from meeting the domestic demand. Precision is the road that China's packaging machinery should take

China's packaging machinery lacks high-tech, high-precision and high-quality supporting products, with low product performance, poor stability and reliability; In addition, the domestic packaging machinery industry lacks leading enterprises, with high technical level, large production scale and low product grade. To a certain extent, it depends on the extensive operation of increasing capital investment and expanding production scale, in addition to the above projects, because there are some high-end tension machines on the market

however, China's packaging machinery has been aware of this, and has also accelerated the pace of approaching the technical advantages of digitalization, automation and electromechanical integration of packaging machinery. However, in order to achieve a high degree of modernization and the "going out" strategy of packaging machinery, we still need to accelerate the growth of precision and expertise, and strive to catch up with the international trend

then, the packaging machinery industry not only forms a relatively perfect product system in terms of common technologies and conventional equipment, but also meets the market needs in terms of key equipment and key technologies, and embarks on a high-end road. At the same time, packaging machinery enterprises should constantly carry out their own innovation, change the backward business philosophy and development thinking, improve the production efficiency and product diversification of packaging machinery, so as to achieve the healthy and orderly development of the packaging machinery industry

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